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3Pcs/set Plastic Dough Knife & Icing Sculptors



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Do you love making your own cakes? Or maybe you want to start baking? If so, you need these simple but essential tools for sculpting cakes, cookies, and all other baking!

You get three great tools for one great price... Get yours now!

Use the dough cutter to get the perfect amount of dough you need... Use the unique bowl scraper to get all that goodness out of the mixing bowl... And finally, use the double-sided sculpting tool to get the perfect edge on your cake! Everything you need to make the perfect dessert! Grab yours now!

Super easy to use and very easy to clean. This high quality kitchen gadget is built to last.

We here at MasterChefGadgets have a 100% Hassle Free Money Back Guarantee on all our gadgets.

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These awesome gadgets are essential gear for creating perfect cakes, cookies, and all other baking goodies! Get yours now!